"Olé" for Olives!

Autumn is the time for all things Olive here at La Loma. Throughout the year we watch them turn from delicate yellow flowers into those wonderful little green and black fruits which are the essence of the Mediterranean diet. Once harvested, the naturally bitter olive is transformed into the liquid gold we all know as olive oil or patiently cured into the savoury treats that are enjoyed around the world, being one of the most widely produced fruits.

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Wild Thyme

“The herb wherever it grows wild denotes a pure atmosphere, and was thought to enliven the spirits by the fragrance which it diffuses into the air around. The Romans gave Thyme as a sovereign remedy to melancholy persons.”

Wild Thyme is a highly medicinal plant which grows abundantly on our Mediterranean mountainside. The name is a cheeky play on words that inspired me to begin this blog. 

Wild Thyme is about coming to our senses. It is about re-wilding ourselves in the natural world. Creating a space for us to be part of Nature and a place within the natural rhythms of life.

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