At La Loma Viva (which means “The Living Hill” in Spanish)  our vision is to bring together earth care and people care. Our project is to research and explore ways to regenerate degraded landscapes, both inner and outer.

We are a farm project using Permaculture design - a revolutionary approach to creating human systems that work in harmony with nature. 

We are located on 10 hectares of terraced farm land, nestled beneath the Sierra Nevada mountains, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, on the coast of Granada in southern Spain.

La Loma is a teaching space, offering courses on Permaculture, Syntropic Farming and related subjects - providing opportunities to learn new skills, experience other ways of living and engage with nature in an experiential way.

We are also a retreat centre, which is available for workshops, classes and fully catered residential retreats.

Our mission is to create an environment where we can grow people and plants, learn about all the inter-connected systems of life and discover our inherent and participatory relationship with the living earth.