La Loma Viva

Upcoming Events 2019


Life in Syntropy Workshop
March 2019

Join the creators of the Life in Syntropy film and the La Loma Viva team in this 5 day workshop to discover more about the philosophy and practice of Syntropic Farming in the Mediterranean.

Permaculture Design Course
September 2019

The world needs more people who want to be part of a new way of being - connected to nature, living respectfully with our resources and reducing consumption. This course teaches us how

Syntropic Farming
With Ernst Gotsch - October 2019

Learn from pioneer Ernst Gotsch about his revolutionary approach to growing high quality food and regenerating eco-systems. Discover his ideas and methods and learn how to do it!


think like a forest

Using whole systems design to regenerate inner and outer landscapes. Creating human habitats that work in harmony with nature and care for the earth and people.


explore new possibilities

There are so many ways that we can engage in positive action. Explore our courses and events to be inspired by nature, learn new skills and meet like minded people.


connect to nature

Nature is the perfect model of how to live in co-operation. It provides a way that needs very few inputs and produces no waste. Discover methods of how to live more regeneratively, using nature as our guide.