Permaculture Farm

La Loma Viva is a working farm, Permaculture Centre and training site. We are researching and applying Permaculture techniques within a Mediterranean climate setting. We also hold courses on many aspects of Permaculture, to get people inspired and empowered.

Permaculture is a design system for creating regenerative human habitats that also promote health in the whole local eco-system. The land, water, energy, plants and other resources are managed consciously - reducing harm and waste. 

Learning about Permaculture can be a life changing experience! It gives us a holistic toolkit for dealing with uncertainty and the challenges ahead. Permaculture addresses many of the crises currently facing humanity and does so in a way which inspires positive action towards solutions. It shows us that with our daily choices, we can make a difference.

About Permaculture...

It is a practical guide for designing human environments that work more harmoniously with nature. Incorporating traditional knowledge with contemporary science and technology, it offers us a whole-systems approach to building a more sustainable world. In fact, Permaculture moves us beyond sustainability towards a regenerative way of being in the world - creating human systems that support all forms of life.

“Permaculture is revolution, disguised as organic farming!”

Permaculture covers all aspects of our human sphere of activity - from growing food, building energy efficient homes, to creating new economies. It questions all of our current systems and asks whether we could not design them more productively and with less harm. We know that new alternatives need to be found and Permaculture is one option for moving towards a civilization that understands it’s interconnectedness with all living systems.

Through intelligent action we can work towards the preservation and regeneration of the earth’s resources - a way of putting back more than we take. Permaculture aims to moderate the forces of nature in a mutually beneficial way - taking care of the earth, while providing people with many of their needs.

Permaculture uses Nature as it’s template for design - observing the patterns in natural systems and applying them. When we base our ideas on the principles of the living world, we learn to respond creatively and adapt to change - becoming resilient and dynamic rather than getting stuck in rigid habits. It is a way of empowering people, demonstrating that change is possible and it is in our hands.

Mulched, raised planting beds

A water harvesting swale

Would you like to join a worldwide panel of regenerative agriculture experts to help you design and manage your farm or project? La Loma Viva highly recommends the REX online Farm Panning course, an in depth professional course from the Regrarians platform. Click here for more details