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REX Course


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Join the REX online Farm Planning Programme...

Join a worldwide team of regenerative agriculture experts to create your own professional farm design and management programme. With advice and assistance from practitioners in many different areas of regenerative living, you can save thousands of euros in consultations and avoid making type one errors in your plans. This is an amazing resource and we highly recommend it to people who are starting out in land design, permaculture or creating a business. It is a 10 week in depth course that covers all the main areas you will need to design your project. You will also be able to join an international platform of experts on an on going basis after the course.

If you sign up here, La Loma Viva will receive a donation from Regrarians to further the development of our farm project. Many thanks. Click on the links below for more info and to join through us...


For more info on the course and the Regrarians platform see these links: