Alex KrugeR 

Alex is a dynamite teacher and pioneer in the field of Permaculture. She has been teaching PDC’s for over 20 years and has trained thousands of students. She did her first PDC at Fambidzanai Centre in Zimbabwe in 1993 and has been transmitting the joy of Permaculture to others since then.

Alex is a prominent figure in the Permaculture movement in South Africa, where she has designed a wide range of Permaculture systems - from urban gardens, eco-villages, farms, regional level action plans for marginalised communities and projects for NGO’s. 

She has consulted on ecological restoration & land rehabilitation projects, spoken at many conferences & Permaculture festivals and run innovative training programs in schools (such as SEED, an award winning non-profit group working in townships and impoverished areas).

For the past 10 years Alex has been living and teaching at the Berg-en-Dal Permaculture Training Centre and Sustainable Dryland project in the semi-arid area of the Klein Karoo in South Africa. This is a 405 hectare, off-grid farm in a very challenging environment and provides the ideal testing ground for the effectiveness of Permaculture systems.

Alex has written a host of training manuals and teaching materials for Permaculture and is committed to delivering a high quality transfer of knowledge. Her areas of interest are design, seed-saving, food production, testing plant species, nutrition, broad-scale water management, natural building and people development. Alex is experienced in teaching across cultures and shares her wisdom with lots of heart.