Sustainability and Eco-Building Elements

The centre has been built and is run by ecological practices which reduce harm to the environment as well as waste. The building is almost entirely south facing and benefits from maximum solar gain - maintaining a fairly constant temperature all year round with minimal use of resources (apart from a wood fired heating system when necessary).

The building is cave-like, surrounded by earth on 3 sides and benefits from that natural insulation. Hot water is supplied by solar panels. The interior is covered with a natural eco-plaster and painted with mineral based paints. The bathrooms floors and walls are made with a clay-stone product used in Arab and Turkish baths, incorporating all natural ingredients and pigments. The building will be powered by solar photovoltaics and has lots of natural light.  

All the water from showers and basins is re-cycled for irrigation to the gardens outside and all black-water (sewage) is processed on site and further purified using specific plants in a constructed wetland. Water is supplied by two ancient mountain springs, called gallerias or qanats (supported by a borehole when needed). All rain water is collected from the roofs and hard surfaces and stored in a tank for irrigation (and in a natural pond in the future).

We ask that guests do not use any products which may be harmful to the environment and only organic soaps, shampoos etc.