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Products: Olives And Olive Oil

Here on the 'Living Hill' all of our products bring with them the life giving quality of this environment. Our 'Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil' is literally ALIVE with the natural elements that produced it - from the strong eighty-year old olive trees, to the endless golden sunshine, Mediterranean sea air and the subtle aromas of wild flowers and mountain herbs. The raw juice of our olives is turned into Extra Virgin oil through hand-picked harvesting, cold-pressed on the same day for lowest possible acidity and with nothing added or diluted. The fragments of actual olives appearing as sediment are proof of the 100% purity of this high quality unfiltered product.

Extra Virgin oil contains the highest amount of antioxidants, especially good for healthy hearts. With daily use, it also has pain relieving and cancer preventing effects. You can therefore enjoy the exceptional flavour of La Loma Viva's Olive Oil in abundance! It can be applied directly to skin and hair for a rapid health boost. Only a limited, unique batch of superior quality oil is produced by La Loma Viva each year, providing you with the freshest and healthiest type of oil in the world. When you discover our "liquid gold", you will FEEL it's living goodness!  

We also have home-made olives for eating, which are cured using fresh mountain water, sea salt and an array of wild herbs and garlic.

Products: Almonds

At La Loma Viva we know that eating whole foods is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Our almonds are hand-picked and ONLY sun dried to ensure that you get the exceptional combination of almond nutrients in their best possible form - raw and organic! 

The almond is one of the earliest cultivated fruit trees and has been used over centuries as an essential ingredient in food and medicine. Eating almonds is an excellent source of magnesium, they have a unique synthesis of antioxidants and are beneficial for the body in many ways. The highest concentration of phytochemicals are found in the dark brown almond skins (which is why we keep ours un-treated!*) The extracted oil from almonds, high in vitamin E, is a super-food for the skin and almond milk is one of the best alternatives to dairy.

Almonds are a sustainable and productive asset to any farm. The tree can survive with no irrigation for long periods of time, the nut/seed has an endless amount of culinary uses and almond is a slow burning wood. The hard nut shell also makes an excellent fuel. The fragrant pink and white blossoms are the first to delight the senses after the winter. These are just some of the reasons why the almond is one of the wonder plants of the Mediterranean climate! 

*(Currently 80% of the worlds almonds are produced by large-scale, machine driven agriculture and are normally heat or chemically treated by law.)