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Syntropic farming with Ernst Gotsch

La Loma Viva is proud to be hosting the first European tour of Syntropic Farming - the philosophy and techniques of Ernst Gotsch. His work received international acclaim in 2015 following a documentary "Life in Syntropy" that was made for the U.N. conference on climate change and inspired people across the globe to plant productive forest systems.

In his long career of farming and research, Ernst has been noted for his "work in Latin America on models of agroforestry which has led to conversion of large tracts of degraded land into productive and diverse agroforests. He has developed a new technique of rapid recovery of poor soils by imitating existing patterns in nature in which carefully selected species of plants - a consortium of species - are placed at a given spacing and orientation, introduced in a predetermined sequence, and are heavily pruned during their growth period at regular intervals. In the space of a few years he has converted over 1200 acres of degraded land in Brazil into a productive rainforest producing cacao among other things. His students and some corporations are now implementing the same techniques combining commercial and ecological interests." (wikipedea)

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