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Permaculture Design Course

The PDC is one of our favourite events of the year! A diverse range of people gather from all over the world to take action to create positive change. It is an inspiring event that connects us to nature, to ourselves and to a growing global community of people working for good in the world.

Why learn about permaculture?

We are beginning to understand that many of our current systems do not serve the health of people or planet. We need change. We need new ways of doing things that help to conserve our earth’s precious resources and reduce the consumption and waste that is harming life everywhere.

Permaculture teaches us how to observe and learn from nature, to transform both inner and outer landscapes, creating a new way of being in the world that values life in all its forms.

The internationally recognised PDC will empower you to take action and give you the skills and understanding to create regenerative systems in any area of life. The PDC provides the foundational knowledge and whole systems thinking that you can apply to any problem or situation and transform it, using nature as your guide.

What will you learn on the PDC?

Full details of the topics covered in our PDC can be found here: PDC COURSE OUTLINE

We take you on the whole journey of transforming how you see the world and interact with it. Starting by observing how nature works, the patterns it uses and the functions it provides, exploring many of the earth’s systems from soils to water to plants, how to use ecological principles to guide our actions and finally how to design full systems that produce their own energy, water, food etc, reduce consumption, produce no waste and are resilient and abundant in the face of todays global challenges. You will never see this amazing planet in the same way again!

Who should take this course?

Everyone! The PDC is really all about how to be a human being connected to nature and providing for our needs in the world in a conscious way. As well as creating systems that are not only sustainable but will be healthy and productive for many generations to come.

More specifically, Permaculture will give you the cutting edge in any career or project, teaching you how to find solutions to many of the problems we face globally.

Permaculture design can be applied to: growing your own food, creating a sustainable business, community development, crisis and aid interventions, farming and agriculture, urban resilience projects and even transforming your own life and health!

What will I experience at La Loma Viva´s PDC?

La Loma Viva is a living model of applied, conscious design, rooted in the ethics of permaculture. You will see how the principles and practices of permaculture come to life within a beautiful Mediterranean setting and how an abandoned, arid piece of land is being transformed into an abundant ecosystem.

By attending a PDC with us you will benefit from the wide range of knowledge of highly experienced permaculture practitioners and teachers. You will be immersed in the beautiful natural surroundings of an established permaculture site, where you can observe and interact with different elements of permaculture design in action.

We also weave in some other wonderful tools from related disciplines that we are working with, including Syntropic Farming, the Regrarians platform, Holistic Management and nature awareness.

Here at La Loma Viva, we also place a huge emphasis on the People Care aspect of permaculture. There is always a deep sense of community and inspiration that is generated on the PDC, that nourishes our beings and creates new friendships and connections. We look at the importance of “Changing the Climate of the Mind” - pruning out belief systems that do not serve us, connecting to nature, eating fresh living food and working with like minded people to find the inspiration and courage we need to be part of this change that the world needs.

Accommodation and Food

You can choose between staying in a double room in our beautiful, eco friendly retreat centre, where we provide all bedding and towels . Or if you prefer you can camp under the stars in the olive groves.

All options have stunning views over the Mediterranean and Sierra Nevada mountains, hot showers in clay stone bathrooms, wifi, laundry and home made organic soaps. We have a swimming pool in summer, hiking trails and lots of nature to escape in. The wild medicinal plants, fresh air and Spanish sunshine will also calm your mind and give you a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Three delicious organic meals and snacks are provided each day by our amazing chefs (that everyone wants to take home with them). Your body will be treated to two weeks of healthy, seasonal food, grown right here and prepared with lots of joy and giving you all the energy and nutrients you need.

What does the course fee include?

  • 2 weeks of permaculture classes (8-10 hours a day) and practical sessions with

    experienced facilitators (over 100 hours of permaculture education)

  • an internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate upon completion

  • all organic food each day, fully catered by our amazing chefs, for 2 weeks

  • a large data pack full of permaculture resources, films and reading materials

  • continued support and mentoring to all our students

  • The price also includes Spanish IVA/VAT tax (21%)

  • end of course celebration

  • Guaranteed fun!

Booking and Prices:

A deposit of 250€ will reserve you a place on the course. The remaining balance will need to be paid in full by 31st August 2019.

Places are limited, we keep our groups to under 20 people so that you can benefit from maximum personal attention.

Price for the Permaculture Design course and all food and catering for 2 weeks - 950€

Accommodation option, 14 nights, shared double room in retreat centre (20€ per night) - 300€

Camping option, bring your own tent and bedding (5€ per night) - 75€

You can pay via bank transfer (at no extra cost) simply email us for details or via our secure online payment option below (subject to a 20€ internet booking fee).

La Loma Viva guarantees all its students the highest quality education and a world class Permaculture Design Certificate that will provide you with the skills, tools and inspiration to transform your world. We are a non profit Foundation and all our income goes towards funding the research, education and practice of Permaculture and Regenerative Living, as well as creating local employment and supporting ecosystem rehabilitation.

This course is now fully booked but please email us if you are interested to attend

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