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Life in Syntropy Workshop

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Join the creators of the award winning documentary ‘Life in Syntropy’ and the La Loma Viva team, for a 5 day Syntropic Farming Workshop. Our vision is to unite and strengthen those people interested in and practicing Syntropic Farming in Europe and specifically in the Mediterranean climate areas. It will be a very practical, hands on workshop where you will learn the fundamental strategies of how to implement and manage a system.

There will be some theory each day, where we will discover more detail about the philosophy behind Syntropic Farming and the work of its pioneer Ernst Gotsch. Felipe Pasini has been working closely with Ernst for over a decade - researching, implementing and documenting Ernst´s work, as well as that of many other projects. Felipe has also completed an academic Masters thesis on Syntropic Agriculture and is currently working on an exciting project of environmental and social regeneration in the village of Merotla, Portugal.

La Loma Viva is one of the pioneering Syntropic projects in the Mediterranean and is working closely with Ernst to research and investigate the most productive implementations in this particular climate. During the workshop you will be able to experience, observe, plant and work on an existing Syntropic site, as well as starting some interesting new projects which Ernst has designed for the farm. We are also working with Ernst to create a way of merging permaculture design and Syntropic Farming and are looking forward to sharing these ideas.

There will be many practical activities as Ernst is committed to ‘learning by doing’. Practical activities may include: (and can be tailored to participants interest)


- plant species selection for Mediterranean consortiums and implementation

- designing and planting windbreaks and productive hedges (based on a plan from Ernst)

- planting annual summer crops and cover crops in a Syntropic system

- broader landscape restoration using Syntropic principles and design

- pruning, selective weeding and other management skills

- plant propagation, using correct planting tools and techniques for arid landscapes

- olive tree consortium plan for future animal grazing systems

There will also be opportunity for group question sessions, brainstorms and discussions, sharing all of our knowledge, seed exchange, collaboration between projects, eating delicious syntropically grown food and much more.

We are really excited about the growing community of Syntropic farmers in Europe and look forward to regenerating landscapes and livelihoods in abundance with all of you!



5 Day Workshop - 200€ (to cover time and travel of the teachers)*

Food and Accommodation - 25€ p/d (6 nights 150€)

Fully catered meals each day from our expert chefs, with fresh organic food, beautiful accommodation in our retreat centre and lots of good energy to nourish and inspire you.

Total: 350€

*If you have already done a course at La Loma Viva with Ernst there is a 50€ discount